About Sri Lanka
We welcome you to our beautiful Island, Sri Lanka “The Pearl of the Indian Ocean”.  With a proud history of 2500 years. Arabs call it “Serendib” while other nations referred it as Ceylan. Its unique position in global arena offers breath taking diversity of scenery, exiting experiences and memories unlike other destinations. Advent of Buddhism in Sri Lanka in third century produced indo Aryans civilization. It produced great cities with their “Dagabas”  which compare, and even exceed in size pyramids of Egypt, palaces and pleasure gardens, rich art and architecture and gigantic irrigation works, many of it are still in use today. Starting from 1505 the Island was under the Portuguese, Dutch and British Colonialism for 500 years. In 1948 we gained independence and the liberalized economy was followed in 1978. Our GDP is around US$2350 and will double in no time thus reaching the goal of “ Wonder of Asia”